The Stress of Remote Working?

For anyone interested enough to visit this page, I will be honest from the start: as far as I am concerned there is absolutely no stress produced by working remote. The title is just to attract the ones who are not yet convinced that this is a good idea and see if I can change their minds. Basically I am going to explain why remote working is not just a great way to have a professional career, but also why it is a healthy way to live your life.

More and More Remote Jobs

I agree that not all jobs can be done by remote work, but an increasing number of job categories can now be done via a god computer and an internet connection. Maybe in the beginning this was more suited for technical jobs like programming or digital graphic design, but more and more companies use remote workers for other job categories. Some of the remote jobs require the employee to be located in the same area as the company’s headquarters for weekly meetings or other tasks, but some jobs offer complete location independence. So an employee can live anywhere in the world and the only meetings within his company are done via video and audio calls.

Your Life When Working Remote

As a remote worker, life is technically a bit easier. From the start, the first advantage is extra time. Without daily trips to the office, you instantly gain more free time on your agenda, which in today’s world is a real luxury. Secondly, what if you have kids who need supervision? No problem, you work from home now, you can deal with them and plan a timetable to meet your deadlines. Also, depending on your commute style, it also can reduce the stress of dealing with public transportation or city traffic everyday. Little by little, this adds up.

Is Socializing a Problem for Remote Workers?

Socializing is another aspect of remote working being disputed, some fear that being all day on a computer at home is not good for you, basically they argue that you become less socially active and you become an introvert. Its a valid point, but as I mentioned earlier, by working remote you gain extra time which can be used for different types of fun activities, from going to a concert or meetings with friends to riding your bicycle in the parks. With that extra time you can start taking better care for yourself, from allowing you more time to pick your food choices or/and taking up sports as a way to keep your body and mind in good shape.

Productivity in Remote Working

From the productivity point of view, it all depends on the person. Some people complain that by working remote its hard to keep up a program, but from experience I know there are many who can’t keep up a program at the office as well. So it really depends on what type of person you are, if you are hard working and serious in a company office you will be the same when you are at home too, at least from my perspective. Even more, because some of the daily stress is now removed, you can concentrate more on your work and do your best to be successful at it.

Work Remote and Travel

One of the best advantages of remote working is the possibility to work and travel in different places, almost anywhere where an internet connection is available. It doesn’t even have to be a high speed connection for a lot of office jobs that only require email services or text communication. Even posting on social media or programming jobs do not always need a very fast internet connection. So the location is up to you, you can live in a bungalow on a sunny beach or in the center of a large city, nearly in any place you can afford as you choose your lifestyle. You can travel the world in a van, go skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer, meet lots of people and be relaxed doing it. It may sound like a distant dream, but its not. It’s entirely possible and accessible for anyone!

Bottom Line

Clearly, it is impossible for me to find anything wrong with remote working, so I ‘m done for now. I just know that I’ve doing it for many years now and I would never go back to a full time office job, mostly because I enjoy travelling and I could never find a job in an office where this activity is possible. Maybe never is a strong word, but you get the picture.

Author: Ovidiu Dita


Online entrepreneur, content writer and publisher.