Best Cities for Digital Nomads: Timisoara, Romania

We are starting our review of the best places to live as a digital nomad with one of my favorite city in Romania, Timisoara. I lived there for several years and it was a great multicultural place, with many social events for people of all ages and I really appreciated the opportunities I had to have a lot of fun and live an easy life in this city.

General Information About Timisoara

First let’s share a few pieces of information about this place. It is located in the western part of Romania, near the border with Hungary and Serbia. Approximately 320.000 people live here, 30.000 being students at some of the best universities in the country where they mainly study engineering, medicine, construction and economics. Because of that there are a lot of multinational companies here that in a way helped to shape Timisoara in one of the most modern cities in Romania.

Timisoara Parks and Recreation

There are also a lot of parks and recreation areas, you can find a green space in almost every neighborhood in the city, but many of them are along the small river that splits the city in two: Bega. In the summer time you can visit a lot of local swimming pool clubs , you can play all kind of sports outdoors in areas that are designed for football, tennis, basketball, table tennis, athleticism or kayak and you can go on a bike ride on the bike lane system that moves through the city and along side the river for another 37 km outside Timisoara.

Social Life in Timisoara

Social gatherings are another favorite past time activity for the people that live in this city and you will find a large array of events that are fun for everyone. Timisoara won the contest for Cultural Capital of Europe 2021 so you can imagine there are a lot of music festivals, parties, cultural events,  food and craft festivals that are the perfect chance to have a great time no matter what you prefer to do when you are free.

Timisoara Food Varieties

Food wise, Timisoara is a hub for international and local dishes. You will find here a large list of restaurants and fast food places that include local recipes, modern food or dishes that are imported form other cultures, like oriental food or recipes from the Balkan area.

People of Timisoara

The people are pretty civilized here, compared with other areas of the country, and you will find that you can make friends easy, especially if you are younger and enjoy social activities. Racism is frowned upon, people here understand the rights of human beings and you will not encounter any problems because of ethnicity or any other personal beliefs. You can enjoy the cultural freedom this city offers with people that are proud and happy to live in a modern international business and cultural center.

Timisoara Cost of Living

The cost of living is one of the highest in the country if we are talking about renting an apartment, with prices starting at 150 euros for a studio apartment and up to 250-300 euros for a 1 bedroom apartment. You will also spend some money on utilities on average 50-100 euros per month and another 200-300 euros on food. The cost of gas is approximately 1.3 euros per liter. With all this in consideration, you can have a great life here if you earn at least 1000 euros per month, which is below the average of remote work salaries.

Bottom Line

There is so much more to say about Timisoara that I can’t even begin to write here, but at least I managed to give you a general idea if you consider moving to a new place for a fun and interesting life style. Working remote means that you can have a great digital nomad experience visiting and living in parts of the world you only heard about, and this is one of them.

PS: The internet connection is fast and cheap!

Timisoara Rating Score:

Recreation: 3 stars
Social: 4 stars
Food: 3 stars
People: 4 stars
Cost: 3 stars

  • Maximum rate is 5 stars per category and 100% is the perfect score a place can get for living conditions.

Author: Ovidiu Dita


Online entrepreneur, content writer and publisher.