Why Remote Jobs Are Popular

Working remotely is becoming a mainstay in today’s cutthroat competitive world. Today, tech-savvy employees are pushing small and big companies to break down the long-established policies and structures that have influenced their workdays traditionally. The benefits of remote work are here to stay for long!

Remote Work Statistics

Remote work (also known as Telecommuting, Telework, Work from home, or Teleworking) is slowly but steadily revolutionizing the world! According to a report by The New York Times, 43 percent of employed Americans disclosed that they spent at least some time working remotely last year.

This report also disclosed that flexible scheduling and work-from-home opportunities now play critical roles in the decision of an employee to take or leave a job. The report also suggested that remote workers are more productive. It was also disclosed that the additional flexibility offered by remote jobs can help to close the gender gap.

Remote Work Advantages

Increased Productivity

Studies have demonstrated that remote workers are more productive than their office counterparts. Moreover, remote workers believe “they get more work done when working remotely”. This increased productivity is primarily because of fewer distractions and interruptions.

Unmatched Flexibility

Remote workers have the unmatched flexibility of dedicating more time to the job and take charge of their workday. This is because they are free from the confines of a strict commute schedule. Moreover, they save valuable time, money, and efforts without the hassles of long travels. Hiring remote workers means a profit-oriented organization can dramatically reduce its overhead costs by minimizing operation and maintenance expenses for large office spaces.

Dedicated Staff

One of the primary advantages of remote employees is that you can quickly and easily identify the best talents and hire them, regardless of geographical restrictions. Moreover, employees hired through remote jobs are no longer on long commutes and therefore more productive and happy at work. Moreover, you can hire talents with specific expertise such as customer support, graphic design, digital marketing, programming, project management, system administration, virtual assistant, web design, and others.

Remote work is undoubtedly the next big thing in the world of recruitment and manpower. Thankfully, we know about the concept to remote working to help you succeed! Hiring remote workers will be the way ahead for profit-making organizations in the times to come.

Author: Ovidiu Dita


Online entrepreneur, content writer and publisher.