What is a Remote Job? Why Hire Remote? Why Work Remote?

Everybody keeps talking lately about working or hiring remote and the digital nomad lifestyle. But what is a remote job exactly?

A Remote Job Overview

Well, basically remote jobs are jobs that can be done from your personal location, your home, a camping location, your hotel room or a wonderful terrace on the sea shore, with just a laptop in your hands and a stable internet connection. Also known as work from home jobs, they make the notion of a physical company office to seem useless.

Remote Job Types

When people first started to work remote, the first remote job types were mainly IT jobs for programmers, web designers, graphic designers, system administrators or operators, but as time passed employers realized that there are more job categories that can be done via a computer: accounting, sales, human resources, business consulting and so on. There are more and more remote jobs each day and it looks like this is the future of human resources.

But why exactly are these jobs so popular? In a nutshell, there are a lot of reasons why anyone should consider working or hiring remote.

Why Hire Remote?

For the employer, hiring remote solves the problem of having an office space. No more rent, utilities and office equipment, just this right there is reason enough to get any company interested. Instead employers can use a virtual office space solution where they can organize their work even better then they could do it physically: communication is optimized between the employers and management, projects and tasks are visible and clear, milestones can be set up to follow the progress of ongoing projects, there are so many advantages for using a virtual office space that I will need to write an article alone just to cover them.

Why Work Remote?

For employees, landing a remote job can be a dream come true. When working remote, besides having your personal freedom to live anywhere, you can use this advantage and travel the world. There are many people who already are doing this and they enjoy every minute of their life. You will find a lot of online communities connected by the digital nomad lifestyle where they discuss topics like the best cities to live in the world, how stable and fast is the internet connection in different places, cultural life, living standards and many more. Besides that, studies show that employees working remote are more productive because they are happier. You can read more details about all of the advantages of “working from home” in a future article as well.

Final Words About Remote Work

In conclusion, remote jobs are the way we see the future of the work force, with the help of technology. It’s time to enjoy the opportunities of remote work and live the lifestyle you always wanted.

Author: Ovidiu Dita


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